Cute pixel art keychain or phone charm of Karin Koenig from the wonderful video game Shadow Hearts 2! 

Perfect gift for Shadow Hearts fans out there! I'm a fan of the Shadow Hearts video game series myself ;)

Choose between keychain, dust plug or phone charm. We also now offer the option if you'd like it to be single sided/ double sided! 

Size of charm is around 1.5 inches.
Use it as a dust plug, keychain, phone strap, ID accessory, or strap them on your nintendo DS or ps vita!

Each item is carefully handmade and sealed with a waterbase sealer for additional protection. Item is water resistant but not waterproof (please do not take a bath with it or submerge in water directly).

* Artwork drawn by Timelax Mini Creations
* Color may vary slightly from actual product due to different monitor settings
* All items are packaged in bubble wrap

Shadow Hearts 2 Karin Koenig keychain

Charm/Keychain/Dust plug
Single/Double sided
  • We always ship our items as registered mail so you'll receive a tracking number once we ship your item so you can rest assured and check where your item is every step of the way.

    We want to make sure your item arrives safely and properly tracked for both our peace of mind :)

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