chibiterasu mug5.png

3/31/2020 | Country:USA

"I love this mug! It even came with a pin of okami!"


lightning bookmark3.png

3/24/2020 | Country:USA


Geralt Plush Pillow

2/27/2020 | Country:Australia


panda mini bookmark1.png

3/22/2020 | Country:USA

"I love them! They're adorable. My sister wishes there was a racoon or crocodile set."


witcher3 acrylic3.png

2/26/2020 | Country:UK

"Superb service. Super fast delivery too. What more could you want?"


Persona 3 button pins

2/24/2020 | Country:Canada

"the pins were in great condition! i loved them. it took longer then expected to get here, but thats alright. i would definitely order from here again!"


Witcher 3 stickers

2/16/2020 | Country:Canada

"love it!! great quality and it was super easy to apply on my laptop."


p5 acrylic1.png

1/28/2020 | Country:USA

"I finally received these cuties~ I love pixel art and Persona as well as collecting keychains so this was a treat to receive. Great quality too! I should also mention that the customer service was great. After a delay from a postage problem (due to ordering this during the holidays and in no part the seller’s fault), the seller helped a lot during this. I couldn’t be more grateful~ 😄⭐️"

p4 new1.png


aigis bookmark2.png

1/26/2020 | Country:USA


p5 button1.png

1/24/2020 | Country:USA

"Great seller!"


p5 mug7.png

1/16/2020 | Country:Canada

"Thank so much the mug is awesome!"


"So nice to see them at my refrigerator!
I love them! Thank you!

witcher3 magnets1.png

1/14/2020 | Country:Germany


"I received them today and I fell in love!
The design is so cute and the size is perfect! Now I just need to find a nice place for them! Thank you!"


1/14/2020 | Country:Germany

Jennie Wong

fire emblem1.png

1/9/2020 | Country:USA

Kaos Katastrofy

"Looks amazing and it shipped fast <3"


1/12/2020 | Country:USA


"My daughter loves these so much - thank you!!"

p4 new1.png

12/25/2019 | Country:USA


"The quality is perfect! Thank you so much!"

p5 lanyard2.png

12/16/2019 | Country:UK

Christine Tenorio

food stickers0.png

12/14/2019 | Country:USA


"I'm impressed with the quality of the magnetic bookmarks! They are more solid/stronger than I thought and the colors look very good on the glossy version. Everything was neatly packed and came in individual little packets. Shipping was reasonably fast compared to other sites which also ship internationally. I'm very happy with my purchase!"

lightning bookmark3.png

12/3/2019 | Country:USA


" I love the items. Thank you do much!

11/23/2019 | Country:Netherlands

Mysti Sabourin

"I got the item in a good timely fashion. Had to go to the post office to pick it up, bc it needed my signature. All that aside, this seller is absolutely wonderful!! They added a cute and adorable button to my magic mug. It was protected in travel so wonderfully, that nothing happened to it. I love buying from this seller."

chibiterasu mug5.png

11/7/2019 | Country: USA

Saeyoung Choi

"Super cute!"

p5 square1.png

11/5/2019 | Country: USA


"Adorable! Communication about shipping was great and it came in reasonable time especially for how far it had to come. I got this as a gift for my nephew and I'm sure he'll love it. Great experience all around"

chibiterasu acrylic3.png

10/30/2019 | Country: Canada

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