1.5" Certified button pins to show your passion or hobby to the world. 


We now offer matte button pins! Choose between glossy or matte texture for your button pins. 

Full set contains 12 button pins of the following:

  • Certified introvert pin
  • Certified artist pin
  • Certified gamer pin (blue) pin
  • Certified gamer (pink) pin
  • Certified dog lover pin
  • Certified cat lover pin
  • Certified otaku pin
  • Certified cosplayer pin
  • Certified senpai pin
  • Certified fujoshi pin
  • Certified furry pin
  • Certified puyat pin 

You can buy the default full set or choose specific buttons that you like for the set. Just let me know which buttons in the set you would like after you order.

Button pins are perfect for gifts and giveaway for parties etc. Pin them in your hat, ID lace, bags!

* Artwork is drawn by Timelax Mini Creations
* Buttons are hand pressed using professional button machine
* Color may vary slightly from actual product due to different monitor settings
* All buttons are packaged in bubble wrap

Certified button pins

  • Size of all our button pins are 1.5 inches.

  • We always ship our items as registered mail so you'll receive a tracking number once we ship your item so you can rest assured and check where your item is every step of the way.

    We want to make sure your item arrives safely and properly tracked for both our peace of mind :)

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It came earlier than expected and I love it! Will definitely be ordering from this shop again!


United States

so cute they r very tiny n cute


United States

Wonderful mug and great packaging!


United States


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