An 11 oz ceramic mug featuring our detailed pixel art of Persona 5! Drink your favorite coffee or cold drink and show your love for the Persona 5 series.


Choose between a regular mug, pearlescent mug or a magic mug


* Regular Mug - Mug has a red or black inner color.

* Magic Mug - default color is black at room temperature and has a white inner color

* Pearlescent Mug - Mug has a pearlescent color where you can see it sparkle when light hits it and gives a premium look. Inside of mug is color white.


Magic Mugs are mugs that change color when you pour hot water inside the mug. Please check out our video to see how Magic mugs work.


All our ceramic mugs are made in house and sublimated directly into the mugs so print is made to last. All our mugs are both microwave and dishwasher safe and made to last. 


Note: If you plan to order multiple mugs let me know ahead so I can help you save on shipping costs. 


* Artwork drawn by Timelax Mini Creations
* Color may vary slightly from actual product due to different monitor settings
* All mugs are shipped in a box that holds it perfectly and plenty of padding to avoid breaking during shipment.

Persona 5 Mug

Mug Type
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Love my mug and coaster came really nicely packaged will be buying more in the future.


United Kingdom

These coasters are really high quality, both in looks and in function. The rubber feet on the bottom prevent them from sliding keeping your mug or glass secure, as usual, great quality with an artistic flair.



This phone stander holder has quite a simplistic design, which makes it easy to use, set up, and does its purpose of holding my phone quite well. I use it every day to hold up my phone while I work at my desk, very handy and looks stylish as always.




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