Get the whole set of our mini and detailed pixel art version of the Major Arcana Persona Tarot Cards. Features characters from the Persona Universe (Persona 2, Persona 3, Persona 4 and Persona 5)

Whole set contains 22 stickers: 
The Fool - Yu Narukami 
The Magician - Yosuke Hanamura 
The Priestess - Yukiko Amagi
The Empress - Mitsuru Kirijo
The Emperor - Kanji Tatsumi 
The Hierophant - Shinji Aragaki
The Lovers - Rise Kujikawa and Yukari Takeba 
The Chariot - Chie Satonaka
Justice - Amada Ken
The Hermit - Futaba Sakura
Fortune - Naoto Shirogane 
Strength - Caroline and Justine 
The Hanged Man - Chidori Yoshino 
Death - Minato Arisato 
Temperance - Sadayo kawakami 
The Devil - Ichiko Oya 
The Tower - Shinya Oda 
The Star - Akihiko Sanada 
The Moon - Yuki Mishima 
The Sun - Tatsuya Suou 
Judgment - Minako/Hamuko 
The World - Akira Kurusu 

Each sticker is made with utmost care and cut individually by hand. :)

We now offer different textures for our stickers! Stickers will now last longer, resist fading and scratch resistant.

Choose from:

* Glossy - Thick glossy coated sticker paper and water resistant.

* Matte - Thick matte coated sticker paper and water resistant.

* Sparkle - Thick sparkle coated sticker paper and water resistant.

* Glossy Vinyl sticker - Stickers are glossy, vinyl and waterproof! Recommended for indoor use only.

* Matte Vinyl sticker - Stickers are matte, vinyl and waterproof! Recommended for indoor use only.

One whole set contains 22 stickers: 
22 pieces around 1 inch x 1.6 cm

Stickers can be used for scrapbooking, letter stamps, put them on your personal items, gadgets or even a cute simple gift for friends and loved ones!

* Artwork drawn by Timelax Mini Creations 
* Color may vary slightly from actual product due to different monitor settings 
* All items are packaged in bubble wrap with extra padding to avoid stickers from folding

Persona Tarot Stickers

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    We want to make sure your item arrives safely and properly tracked for both our peace of mind :)

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Love my mug and coaster came really nicely packaged will be buying more in the future.


United Kingdom

These coasters are really high quality, both in looks and in function. The rubber feet on the bottom prevent them from sliding keeping your mug or glass secure, as usual, great quality with an artistic flair.



This phone stander holder has quite a simplistic design, which makes it easy to use, set up, and does its purpose of holding my phone quite well. I use it every day to hold up my phone while I work at my desk, very handy and looks stylish as always.




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