This is our new thick, handmade elastic mobile lanyard that you can use for your charms, keys etc. I braid these lanyards from scratch and I currently offer these color variations. 


These are perfect if you want a sturdier strap for your favorite accessory or keychain.



We are also offering a new braid style to our phone straps! You can now choose 2 different braid styles!

You'll receive mobile lanyard or cellphone straps with jump ring and lobster clasp included. 
Straps are around 2.5 inches long including the lobster clasp.

We offer choice of single color braid or two color braids. Choose which set you'd like as shown in the image.

For two color braids:
I have 13 colors available(black,pink,teal,green,white,orange,brown,blue,red,yellow,violet,lilac and rainbow). If you'd like to mix your own color combination. Just note me which colors you'd want.

I want White/Pink and Violet/Pink

or if you'd like to be specific with quantity let's say you ordered 5 pcs:

I want 2 pcs (Red/Orange), 1 pc (Blue/white), 1 pc (green/black), 1 pc (teal/white), 20 pcs (black/white)

Unlike other mobile phone straps, these are made using elastic cord so you can easily stretch it if you'd like and much sturdier.

* Items will be shipped with tracking number
* Item is handmade by Timelax Mini Creations 
* Color may vary slightly from actual product due to different monitor settings 
* All items are packed securely to ensure you receive items in perfect condition.

Thick Assorted Elastic Phone Strap

Braid Style
Silver/Gold clasp

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    the item was great! very beautiful and lovely
    really recommend!💙



    such an adorable cup. I love it.

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