These are 5 handmade notepads featuring 5 cute cat designs. Each notepad has a front and back version as seen in the pictures. Perfect gift for cat lovers or anyone who likes cute things! This notepad is completely handmade so each notebook is unique. 

You can choose one from 5 designs or choose any 3 to get a discount (Please leave a note of your notepad choice on checkout)!
* Orange cat notepad
* Cat with yarn notepad
* Cat with ribbon notepad 
* Black Cat notepad

* Lucky Cat notepad

* 70 sheets 

* Japanese style book binding. 

* Front and back cover print is hardcover laminated, print is fade proof.

* Choose between white paper or multi-color paper (random colors)

* Choice of having each page to have cat stamp or none 
* Writing space is around 4.5 to 5 inches in height
* Size is 4 x 6 inches, same size as an A6

- You can add a personalized name or quote on each page of the notepad if you'd like, just message us when you order.

* Artwork drawn by Timelax Mini Creations 
* Color may vary slightly from actual product due to different monitor settings 
* All items are packed securely to ensure you receive items in perfect condition.

Personalized Cat notepad

Choose design
Page color
With cat stamp?
Add Custom Text?
  • We always ship our items as registered mail so you'll receive a tracking number once we ship your item so you can rest assured and check where your item is every step of the way.

    We want to make sure your item arrives safely and properly tracked for both our peace of mind :)

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He's here! Pillow chibi Geralt is lovable and squishable, even with that fierce look on his face! And he, along with Triss, came packaged very lovingly and plenty protected on their journey to me.


United States

My only coffee cup (that I received 15 years ago) has seen better days, so I wanted to replace it. I didn't want just any generic cup design, though, but one that spoke to a hobby or interest of mine. Last year, I got into the Witcher, became a little obsessed with the game world in particular, and solidified my love for Geralt while also getting quite attached to Triss there. I ❤ game Triss so much and this particular design of her really conveys most of her best qualities for me: loving warmth, care, sweetness, and kindness...and cuteness! So I had to have this as my new coffee cup. It came very well packaged and plenty protected on its journey to me, along with her and Geralt's pillow version (and within the estimated time window too). It looks exactly like I imagined it as well.


United States

She's here! I've been practically counting the days until I received this package on my doorstep. Pillow chibi Triss is so lovable and squishable, just like she is in Witcher 2 and 3! And she, along with Geralt, came packaged very lovingly and plenty protected on her journey to me (and within the estimated time window too)


United States


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